Funds Will Support Capital Needs, Capacity-Building Initiatives, and Professional Training for Camphill Communities and Affiliates

Chestnut Ridge, NY, June 3, 2019 ​—​ Camphill Foundation today announced that it will award $357,750 to 18 Camphill communities, affiliates, and organizations worldwide in 2019. Designated for upgrades, acquisitions, training, and other pressing needs, the funds will be delivered through grants aligned with Camphill Foundation’s mission of supporting, strengthening, and safeguarding the Camphill movement in key strategic areas.

Camphill Foundation’s 2019 grants include:

Capital Needs

  • Heartbeet Lifesharing (Hardwick, VT) will receive $28,000 for the construction of a new woodshop facility, which will serve community members’ growing interest in woodshop skill development.
  • Camphill Village Minnesota (Sauk Centre, MN) will receive $24,000 to convert an attached garage into an apartment, increasing eldercare housing capacity and the diversity of community housing options.
  • Camphill Hudson (Hudson, NY) will receive $20,000 to purchase a transport van for The Camphill Hudson Players, allowing the theater group to tour and share its inclusive message through dramatic productions.
  • Camphill Soltane (Glenmoore, PA) will receive $20,000 for maintenance and renovations of decades-old buildings, ensuring essential community spaces meet current construction codes.
  • Esk Valley Camphill Community (United Kingdom) will receive $20,000 for the purchase of a work hub that provides skill development opportunities through a large market garden and all-weather workshop.
  • Camphill Nodibinājums Rožkalni (Latvia) will receive $12,550 for the creation of architectural drafts, blueprints, and certifications for new residential space in this rapidly growing community.
  • Camphill Communities Ontario (Angus, Canada) will receive $8,000 for a climate-controlled storage area that will help eliminate waste and provide storage for community-grown produce.
  • The Camphill School (Glenmoore, PA) will receive $8,000 for professional audio/visual equipment that will advance community development through the creation of new student and coworker recruitment videos.
  • Camphill na soutoku (Czech Republic) will receive $6,000 toward the construction of a chapel that meets community members’ religious, sacred, and social needs.
  • Camphill School Hermanus (South Africa) will receive $4,500 for urgent home renovations, enabling long-term volunteer coworkers to live in a safe and healthy environment.


Capacity Building:

  • Camphill Communities Ontario (Angus, Canada) will receive $20,000 to expand the community’s reach through a part-time marketing and grant writer, website upgrades, and database integration.
  • Camphill Village Copake (Copake, NY) will receive $20,000 to advertise short-term volunteer opportunities through a coworker recruitment campaign in Europe and the United States.
  • Triform Camphill Community (Hudson, NY) will receive $7,000 to improve recruitment messaging, update its website, and implement search engine optimization.


Coworker Training

  • Raphael Village (New Orleans, LA) will receive $5,000 for faculty and staff training to strengthen community life through festivals and celebrations
  • Camphill Ghent (Chatham, NY) will receive $3,500 to fund training in CPR, first aid, nutrition, fire safety, anthroposophical elder care, and other topics that enhance their quality of care.


Regional Capacity Building

  • Camphill Association of North America (Kimberton, PA) will receive $75,000, the third installment of a five-year award, to improve regional operations, strengthen coworker and community development, and support research and policy initiatives.
  • Camphill Academy (Glenmoore, PA) will receive $45,000, the second installment of a five-year award, to support day-to-day operations, training, and ongoing curricula and leadership development. Camphill Academy will also receive $24,000, the final installment of a three-year award, to support a Research Fellow, who is a Camphill coworker pursuing an advanced degree in the disability field.


Special Initiatives

  • Stanton Home (Great Barrington, MA), a lifesharing community founded by longtime coworkers from The Camphill School, will receive $5,000 for a new garden high tunnel, allowing the community to grow much of its own food, expand the growing season, and provide new garden projects for community members.
  • The International Communal Studies Association (ICSA) will receive $2,200 to support coworker training through the 13th annual ICSA Continuing Education Conference. Focusing on “Diversity and Inclusion in Intentional Communities,” the conference will be co-hosted by four Camphill communities in Hudson Valley, NY, and held in conjunction with the annual Camphill Research Symposium in July.


“Whether we’re helping talented actors from Camphill Hudson visit schools and community centers or funding the construction of vital community infrastructure in developing areas of the world, Camphill Foundation is proud to use its grantmaking program to create opportunities for diversely-abled people to share their gifts within inclusive communities and the wider world,” said Karen Murphy, Executive Director of Camphill Foundation. “We are thankful for the generous support of our donors and supporters, who make this essential work possible.”

Since 1966, Camphill Foundation has provided more than $9.3 million in strategic grants and low-interest loans to Camphill communities. Camphill Foundation’s grantmaking program is funded by donor appeals, as well as the Camphill Foundation Annual Gala.

Camphill Foundation accepts grant requests from existing Camphill communities and affiliates. Priority is given to Camphill organizations in North America, though special consideration is afforded to communities in high-need areas of the world. Visit for details about Camphill Foundation’s grantmaking program.

About Camphill Foundation

Founded in 1966 to support two fledgling Camphill communities in New York and Pennsylvania, Camphill Foundation has grown dramatically over the past five decades. Today, its mission is to grow, strengthen, and safeguard the Camphill movement at 15 Camphill communities and affiliates in the United States and Canada. Camphill Foundation primarily accomplishes this mission by providing strategic grants and low-interest loans that help grow and sustain the Camphill movement. Visit for more information.

About the Camphill Movement

Camphill is a worldwide movement of vibrant lifesharing communities that provide a unique model of care for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Camphill movement draws inspiration from the principles of anthroposophy. In valuing the profound significance of each human being, practicing the art of daily living, and emphasizing mindfulness of our responsibility to the earth, the Camphill movement offers a model for social renewal.

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