Camphill Academy Back to School Appeal

Thank you for funding the future of Camphill!


Every year, nearly 100 students just like Mauricio, whom you will meet in the video below, benefit from your support and help build up our communities and the Camphill Movement. Many complete the full five-year Academy program, earning valuable credits towards the fulfillment of a Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences. Others may spend just two or three years with Camphill, but leave changed because of their studies in the Academy – taking the Camphill impulse with them into our world.


Camphill Academy instills in each student the deeper lessons and values of Camphill life, helping them learn to recognize and celebrate the individual beauty and gifts of people of all abilities. You make this work possible, and we are so grateful for your support.


Mauricio and Jackson are an inspiring duo who brought out each other’s gifts and developed a true friendship.  We hope you will feel inspired by watching their interview, to join our Back-to-School Appeal for Camphill Academy and help us continue to encourage and support students like Mauricio through Camphill in North America.

In the fourth year of Camphill Academy, students like Mauricio complete a special project. Mauricio’s project was to work with Jackson to write and perform a play based on Jackson’s biography. This was a special project for both Mauricio and Jackson. Watch our three part interview series to learn more about the play, their experience creating it together, and the Camphill Academy!