Executive Director Karen Murphy Shares an Update on Camphill Communities and Community-Building Efforts Amidst Social Distancing

March 23, 2020

Dear Friends,

Amid all the uncertainty surrounding us these days, I wanted to take a moment to pause from the news and connect with you – to let you know we are thinking of you, and to tell you how our communities are doing.

First, no matter what your relationship is to Camphill – parent or family member, friend, villager, coworker, employee, supporter – you are part of our community and we care about you. How can we help you to feel connected to our Camphill community during this time of physical distance? I would love to hear your creative ideas about how to help us do that!

Second, we are receiving regular updates from our communities. They are adhering to mandates and guidelines from health officials and government agencies to mitigate the potential spread and effects of the virus. Our community members are learning what it means to practice physical distancing while remaining strong in spirit and companionship. The Foundation remains committed to being a resource and support to help our communities navigate these challenging times.

Last night, I received this moving photo that shows one of our Camphill moms, Foundation board member Florie Seery, reading via FaceTime to her son Alasdair who lives in a Camphill community that is no longer allowing visitors in or out of the community. Each community is making difficult choices on a daily basis to keep our residents, coworkers, and staff safe. We are adjusting to what life is asking of us in this moment. And together, we will find new and creative ways of being community and caring for one another.

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On behalf of our Foundation board and staff, and our larger Camphill community, I send prayers and all good wishes for your continued health and safety.

Yours in community,

Karen Murphy, Executive Director of Camphill Foundation

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