Since 1966, Camphill Foundation has provided more than $10 million in strategic grants and low-interest loans to Camphill communities, while stewarding an endowment that has grown to almost $10 million.


The Foundation is currently funding projects that align with the following strategic granting priorities:

Capital Needs Grants & Loans

Providing the “bricks and mortar” needed for growth and well-being of our communities and the quality of caregiving.

Coworker Development Grants

Building and protecting the distinctive qualities of Camphill’s lifesharing communities and life-changing care with grants that strengthen coworker recruitment and retention.

Capacity Building Grants

Increasing the effectiveness of Camphill Communities and the Camphill movement in North America by supporting strategic planning, leadership training, succession planning, and regional communication and activities.

To learn more about each of these goals and how your generous gift can be earmarked for any one of them, please contact us.

Over 50 Years of Impact

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2020 Grantees

Capacity Building





Funding to create a new administrative assistant position, which will reduce volunteer coworkers’ administrative workloads and allow them to focus exclusively on program support.





Funding to build community awareness by increasing outreach coordinator’s weekly hours, and to expand skills of faculty and volunteer coworkers through new training opportunities.


Camphill Communities



Funding to expand a maple syrup social enterprise, through which adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop new skills and participate in paid work opportunities.





Funding for a software implementation to streamline scheduling and paperwork, bolster efficiency and compliance, and enable coworkers to focus on community support.


Camphill Foundation



Funding for a planned giving campaign that will help sustain the Camphill movement in Canada by inspiring donors to support Camphill beyond their lifetimes.





Funding to support the launch of an endowment campaign that enables the community to build a strong and sustainable financial future.

Capital Needs Grants


Camphill Village

Kimberton Hills


Funding for the construction of a new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) building, helping the community expand its successful Sankanac CSA enterprise.





A two-year renewable grant to install a state-of-the-art fire safety system that provides the community’s vulnerable elder population with the highest level of fire security and protection.


Camphill Communities



A three-year renewable grant to install solar panels on properties, equipping the community to manage ongoing energy crises while improving future sustainability.





Funding for the construction of a 480-foot accessible loop path connecting households, workshop areas, and community centers.


Triform Camphill



Funding toward the purchase of a multi-passenger, energy-efficient vehicle for safe travel between Triform’s main campus and its Stewardship Community.



East-West Exchange

Fund (Asia)


Funding for renovations and repairs at Camphill Sadhana in India, and coworker training, educational resources, and other vital needs at communities in Asia.


Camphill Agualinda



Funding for core programmatic support at this emerging Camphill community.


Respirar Comunidad



Funding for program expansion, including acquisition of music rehearsal and workshop space, and staff training.


Camphill Nodibinājums

Rožkalni (Latvia)


Funding for the repair and refurbishment of facilities where volunteer coworkers and villagers live and work.

Regional Capacity Building


Camphill Association of North America


Fourth installment of a five-year award to improve regional operations, strengthen volunteer coworker and community development, and support research and policy initiatives.





Third installment of a four-year award to support a Research Fellow, as well as Camphill Academy operations, training, and curricula and leadership development.

Applying for a Grant

2020-2021 Camphill Foundation Grant Program


In keeping with our mission to grow, strengthen, and safeguard the Camphill Movement, Camphill Foundation only accepts grant requests from existing Camphill communities and affiliates, primarily in North America. The 2020-2021 Grant Cycle will open in Fall 2020. If your community is interested in applying for a grant, please email in August 2020 to schedule a pre-application conversation.


Conversations will take place in September 2020, and will help us to assess the needs in the region and for the Camphill movement around the world.  Thank you!