Since 1966, Camphill Foundation has provided more than $10 million in strategic grants and low-interest loans to Camphill communities, while stewarding an endowment that has grown to almost $10 million.


The Foundation is currently funding projects that align with the following strategic granting priorities:

Capital Needs Grants & Loans

Providing the “bricks and mortar” needed for growth and well-being of our communities and the quality of caregiving.

Coworker Development Grants

Building and protecting the distinctive qualities of Camphill’s lifesharing communities and life-changing care with grants that strengthen coworker recruitment and retention.

Capacity Building Grants

Increasing the effectiveness of Camphill Communities and the Camphill movement in North America by supporting strategic planning, leadership training, succession planning, and regional communication and activities.

To learn more about each of these goals and how your generous gift can be earmarked for any one of them, please contact us.

Over 50 Years of Impact

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2021 Grantees

Capacity Building


Glenora Farm/

Ita Wegman


Funding to create a new administrative assistant position, which will reduce volunteer coworkers’ administrative workloads and allow them to focus exclusively on program support.
(Year 1 of 3)

Capital Needs Grants





Funds to support the final construction phase of the community’s Town Center complex.


Camphill Communities



A three-year renewable grant to install solar panels on properties, equipping the community to manage ongoing energy crises while improving future sustainability.
(Year 2 of 3)





A two-year renewable grant to install a state-of-the-art fire safety system that provides the community’s vulnerable elder population with the highest level of fire security and protection.
(Year 2 of 2)


Glenora Farm/

Ita Wegman


Funding to support construction of new residential home, The Farm House.


Otto Specht



Funds to add a professional fundraiser to the staff in order to implement a capital campaign to construct a permanent school and activities building.

Covid-Related Funding


The Camphill School and Beaver Farm Transition Program


Funds to purchase PPE and sanitizing supplies, create indoor and outdoor learning spaces, and hire additional staff to replace residential volunteers.


Triform Camphill



Funding to support general operating expenses as a result of enrollment changes during to Covid-19.





Funding to support the Camphill Hudson Players in reimagining their signature theatre program which had to go on hiatus due to Covid-91’s physical distancing requirements, into an online cooking show.


Camphill Village

Kimberton Hills


Funds to build an outdoor meeting space where Kimberton Hills community members can be together safely.


Camphill Village



Funds to complete emergency generator installation in all residential homes, to ensure safe physical distancing if needed, and also offer additional and safety during harsh Minnesota winters.





Funds to purchase a covered food cart to ensure safe food preparation and delivery to residents.

Coworker Development





Funding to support full-time volunteer program.



Camphill Agualinda



Funding to support general operations and construction of new bedrooms so the community can welcome additional residents.


Camphill Pahkla

Village (Estonia)


General support for urgent capital repairs and renovation.


East West
Exchange Fund


Support for special projects and general operating needs in India and Asia.






General Support, Research, Policy, Advocacy, and Engagement




Organizing & Advancing Strategic Priorities between Camphill Association and Camphill Foundation


College Loan
Support Program


Monthly support for first-time volunteer coworkers with student debt.

Applying for a Grant

2021-2022 Camphill Foundation Grant Program


Applying for a Grant
2021-2022 Camphill Foundation Grant Program
Application deadline:  Monday, December 20, 2021


In keeping with our mission to grow, strengthen, and safeguard the Camphill Movement, Camphill Foundation only accepts grant requests from existing Camphill communities and affiliates. Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Camphill Foundation.  For the 2021-2022 fiscal year, we are offering two categories of grants:


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in North America
For North American communities who wish to offer training and workshops to increase understanding of DEI practices and healing measures.  Apply here.


International Camphill Communities
Camphill communities in economically-challenged areas of the world may apply for a grant to support needs pertaining to general operating costs, capital projects, capacity-building and coworker development, or ongoing Covid-19 relief. Apply here.


Application deadline:  Monday, December 20, 2021

Conversations will take place in September 2020, and will help us to assess the needs in the region and for the Camphill movement around the world.  Thank you!