Grant Making

Since 1966, Camphill Foundation has provided more than $9.3 million in strategic grants and low-interest loans to Camphill communities, while stewarding an endowment that has grown to almost $10 million.


The Foundation is currently funding projects that align with the following strategic granting priorities:

Capital Needs Grants & Loans

Providing the “bricks and mortar” needed for growth and well-being of our communities and the quality of caregiving.

Coworker Development Grants

Building and protecting the distinctive qualities of Camphill’s lifesharing communities and life-changing care with grants that strengthen coworker recruitment and retention.

Capacity Building Grants

Increasing the effectiveness of Camphill Communities and the Camphill movement in North America by supporting strategic planning, leadership training, succession planning, and regional communication and activities.

To learn more about each of these goals and how your generous gift can be earmarked for any one of them, please contact us.

Over 50 Years of Impact

Click the graphic above to learn more about the impact of our grant making program since 1966.

2019 Grantees

Capacity Building


Camphill Communities Ontario


Funding for a part-time marketing and grant writer, website upgrades, and database integration.


Camphill Village



Funding for a coworker recruitment advertising campaign in Europe and the United States.


Triform Camphill



Funding for website improvements, search engine optimization, and improved recruitment messaging.

Capital Needs Grants





Funding for construction of a new woodshop facility.


Camphill Village



Funding to increase housing capacity by converting an attached garage into an apartment.





Contribution to purchase of a transport van for The Camphill Hudson Players theater group.





 Funding for maintenance and renovations to ensure community spaces meet current construction codes.


Esk Valley Camphill

Community (UK)


Funding for a work hub with a large market garden and all-weather workshop.


Camphill Nodibinājums

Rožkalni (Latvia)


Funding for architectural drafts, blueprints, and certifications for new residential space.


Camphill Communities



 Funding for a climate-controlled storage area for community-grown produce.


The Camphill



Funding for A/V equipment that allows the community to produce student and coworker recruitment videos.


Camphill na soutoku

(Czech Republic)


Contribution to the construction of a chapel that meets the community’s religious, sacred, and social needs.


Camphill Hermanus

(South Africa)


 Funding for urgent coworker housing renovations and repairs.

Coworker Development Grants




Funding for faculty and staff training to strengthen community life through festivals and celebrations.




Funding for training in CPR, first aid, nutrition, fire safety, anthroposophical elder care, and other topics.

Regional Capacity Building


Camphill Association of North America


Third installment of a five-year award to improve regional operations, strengthen coworker and community development, and support research and policy initiatives.





Installments for multi-year awards to support a Research Fellow, as well as Camphill Academy operations, training, and curricula and leadership development.

Special Initiatives




Funding for a new garden high tunnel.


International Communal Studies Association


Funding for coworker training through the 13th annual ICSA Conference.

Applying for a Grant

Camphill Foundation only accepts grant requests from existing Camphill communities and affiliates. If you are interested in aligning your organization more closely with Camphill, please contact us. 

Complete our Grant Application Form.

Please visit our new Grant Application Form by clicking the box below.

Grant Progress Report Form.

Please complete and submit this form for any prior year’s grants before applying for a new grant.  After downloading, please re-save your blank application on your computer and be certain to fill in your saved version.  You will not be able to save changes if you work from the form that opens in your browser window.

In addition to your application form, please supply the following attachments as appropriate for your grant request/organization:


  • Additional narrative or further explanatory documents including photos if available
  • Timetable of project including anticipated starting and completion dates
  • Project budget
  • Audited financial statements for the last 2 years
  • Current FY Operating Budget
  • Development/fundraising budget over the last 3 years
  • Most recent Annual Report
  • List of Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • Any outstanding updates from previously awarded grants

Grant Application Timeline


September 30, 2019: Prior year’s grant progress report must be submitted in order to submit grant requests.


November 4, 2019: Requests received by this date will be reviewed by the Grant Review Committee.


November – December, 2019: Requested clarifications and updates must be submitted.


January 2020: Grant Review Committee reviews requests and makes suggestions to Board.  Round one grants are approved. January 2020: Grant applicants are informed of decisions.


February – April, 2020: Camphill Foundation consults with communities regarding round two grant proposals. Updates and revisions are accepted through mid-April.

End of April

Round two are grants announced.