Virtual Gala 2020 – Guest Book

Welcome to our Virtual Guest Book!


Please leave a comment so we will know you were here! Share a message of congratulations for our honoree, a memory that helps honor Camphill movement’s 80 year anniversary, or just say hello. We are so glad you could join us!

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Nora FitzGerald

What a great virtual gala! Lovely to see Alasdair

Peggy Osborn

Wonderful video, so nice to see so many friends and see the history come alive! Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this virtual gala successful.

Karen Murphy

Dear Peggy, We are so glad you could join us for the program! Your hard work helped is to create a truly amazing auction! Thank you!

Judith Hokky

Bravo Camphill! 80 years of making a difference and an impact for social change!

Karen Murphy

Thanks Judith! We are so happy you could join us!

Jackie Case

80 Years! Wow! Spectacular. So grateful that Camphill is in the world. Past, Present, Future!

Karen Murphy

And we are so happy that Raphael Village is part of the Camphill family. Here’s to the next 80 years. Thanks for joining us!

Torin Finser

Congratulations on 80 years. Every day, you give the world hope for a more compassionate, uplifting, inspired future. May your work continue and grow for many, many more decades here and around the world.

Karen Murphy

Torin – thank you for these beautiful reflections. It’s a great privilege to be part of Camphill and know that we bringing so much light and goodness to the world. Many blessings.

Mary Gruber

A big thank you to Dan and all the other advocates of the Camphill Village Movement. Your work has made the difference.

Karen Murphy

Hi Mary and all our friends from Camphill Minnesota. SO glad you could spend the time with us this evening!

Kim and Audrey Ketchell

Congratulations Camphill, on your 80th anniversary – bravo for all you do!

Karen Murphy

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Kam Bellamy

Happy Birthday, Camphill!! Here’s to the next 80 years!

Karen Murphy

Thanks for joining us Kam!

Esther And Larry Beilenson

Congratulations to Camp Hill on your 80th anniversary! Thank you Amy and Steven for bringing this amazing organization and community to our attention.

Karen Murphy

Hello Esther and Larry- we’re so happy you could join us tonight. Thank you for your beautiful support and encouragement!

Roy Tau

What a milestone! Congratulations! Home to all world citizens

Karen Murphy

Home, indeed, for all people in all times. Thank you for your compassionate service!

Amy and Warren Gleicher

This was a wonderful event!! Congratulations to Camphill on your 80th Anniversary.

Karen Murphy

Hello Gleichers! How wonderful to have another Camphill family with us tonight. Thank you for joining and celebrating with us!

Jennifer Sclar

So inspiring! I am so grateful to be a small part of this amazing organization!

Karen Murphy

Hello Jen! We are grateful for your leadership and service. Thanks for being part of the Camphill family!


Happy birthday!

Karen Murphy

Happy Birthday Camphill! Thanks for joining us, Eric!

Susan Kukic

Congratulations, Camphill, on sustaining your commitment to beauty, truth, and goodness in the context of community building for over 80 years! You’ve accomplished so much that is worthy of recognition and replication. May Camphill’s influence continue to touch the hearts and minds of a world on the precipice of further awakening. Blessings to all involved!

Karen Murphy

Dear Susan, thank you for these kind words. Camphill is truly a beacon for the world and we are its stewards – a great honor and privilege. So glad you could be with us tonight!

Diedra Heitzman

Gratefu to you, Dan McKanan!

Tracy Mitchell

So glad to be a part of what my dearest friend Florie is a part of. And congrats to her entire family, and especially to her, Alistair and Jimmy in this video tonight. BRAVO!! And to her husband Marc who I’ll bet was on the other side of the camera which he prefers. You were all the impetus for me to join the Board of East End Special Players on the Eastern end of Long Island, and to bring the Players into the Bay Street Theater family. Camphill is inspiring on all fronts. Here’s to your next 80 years!

Karen Murphy

Tracy, thank you so much for joining us! Alasdair and his family inspire all of us to strive to be our best and happiest. SO glad you are with us tonight!

Debra White

You are all an inspiration! Enjoying the program!

Karen Murphy

Hi Debra! We’re so glad you can be with us tonight. Thanks for joining us!

Susie Mordoh

What a wonderful way to celebrate Camphill’s 80th. It’s been an honor to be part of all things Camphill. Feel the Love ❤️

Karen Murphy

Susie, We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for your vision and encouragement. xo


Onat, David, and all of us from Camphill Ghent,

Thank you to the Camphill Foundation for honoring our movement’s 80th anniversary. What a remarkable event to celebrate during this time. Everyone at Camphill Ghent appreciates the work of the Camphill Foundation – kudos to you all!

Karen Murphy

Dear Onat, David and ALL our friends at Ghent – you inspire us, now more than ever, during these challenging times with your compassion and care for each other. Ghent is a beautiful expression of our Camphill values!

Szilvia Budai

Cheers and Blessings for the 80th anniversary and the future🌞

Karen Murphy

Thank you for joining us Szilvia!

Shelley And Donald Meltzer

Congratulations on 80 inspiring years! Camphill is a beacon of light in our world needed more than ever today!

Karen Murphy

Hello Shelley and Donald! We are so happy you’re with us tonight. You are so much a part of the Camphill legacy – tonight’s celebration includes you also! Thank you for your faithful support and celebration of the Camphill movement!

kimberly dorn Plowshare Farm

Greetings from all of us in Jovis House at Plowshare Farm. We send our love and gratitude!

Karen Murphy

Hello Plowshare! Love and gratitude from us coming right back to you!


Happy Birthday Camphill. You have certainly inspired me over the last several yeaRS

Karen Murphy

Hello Steve! Thank you for joining the party tonight! We’re so happy you are part of the Camphill family! xo

Cathy A Cramer

Remembering and missing Camilla Feer and how wonderful Camphill was for her.

Karen Murphy

This celebration honors Camilla and all who have helped to build the Camphill movement. We are indebted to the courage and inspiration of our friends with special needs. And indebted to families, like yours, who trust us to help them reach their full potential. Thanks for spending the time with us this evening.

beverlee Sclar

Happy 80th Anniversary Camphill. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I am so glad rto be a part of your extended family.

family. I will miss being together but will celebrate with you next year!!!!!!!!!

Karen Murphy

Hi Beverlee! Thank you for joining us! We are all sad that we can’t meet in person this year – but we look forward to being together again next March! Thank you for your support and kindness.

Janet Wilson Smith

Happy to be a part of the Camphill family!

Karen Murphy

And we are so happy for your presence, and Caroline’s! Thank you for lifting your voice in support of Camphill!

Mario & Maria Turchi

So grateful to have found Camphill! The support my son receives at Triform is beyond words. During this unprecedented time there is no place I would rather have him be.

Karen Murphy

Hello Turchis! Triform is a very special place – what a gift that there are places in the world that see all abilities as gifts. WE are blessed that your family is part of Camphill. Thanks for joining us tonight!

Mark Ohi

Missing the NYC advent, but hoping for a great result!

Karen Murphy

Hi Mark! We are so glad you can join us this evening – next year, back to NYC!

Diedra Heitzman

Eager to see this! Thank you and Congratulations!!

Karen Murphy

Hi Diedra! Thanks for joining us and thank you for a life of service and compassion!

Roby, Julie and Matthew Harrington

We are sad we can’t be together to celebrate the 80th, but also very happy when we think about all the lives made so rich by Camphill’s inspired social experiment that has worked so brilliantly for so long……

Karen Murphy

Hello Matt, Julie, and Roby! We’re so happy you can join us tonight. We miss our in-person gathering, but we know that we are all together in spirit. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Big Hugs!

Andy & Heather Revelis

Thank you for the wonderful work you do to support the Camphill Communities in North America! Camphill has truly been a blessing to our son, Frank and our entire family.

Karen Murphy

And thank YOU Revelis family for your beautiful contribution to our online auction this year. We are all one family in Camphill!

christina chang

Aloha to all during this Virtual event celebrating 80 remarkable years of Camphill around the world! Mahalo to Karen, the Foundation Staff and everyone who made this educational and enriching event possible. It is Heart full to witness all the good that takes place during the challenging times that birthed the Camphill Movement and those that continue today. We are INSPIRED and GRATEFUL.

Karen Murphy

Hello Christina and all our friends from L’Okelani! Thank you for your beautiful work and perseverance! Aloha!

Pegasus House at Triform

Hello. We are from Pegasus House at Triform. Thank ou Camphill Foundation for all of your wonderful work!

Karen Murphy

Welcome Pegasus House! So glad you can be with us tonight!

Reed Wilson

Remembering Betsy Herman with love

Reed and Bernadette Wilson

Karen Murphy

Betsy will always be in our hearts and one of our angels watching over Camphill. She is forever a part of the legacy we celebrate tonight. Thanks for joining us!

Christofferus House at Triform

Christofferus is here! Hello! Thank you for the Gala. We love Camphill. Especially the bread.

Karen Murphy

Welcome! Enjoy the program!

Carol Fernandez

How wonderful to be a part of Camphill. Eighty years of doing amazing work. Here’s to another 80!

Karen Murphy

Cheers to you and Roberto! Thank you for your support and leadership!

Kerst de Jong

It is wonderful to have the Gala on the 80th anniversary of the Camphill Movement! Thanks to the Foundation staff for making it work in these challenging times!

Karen Murphy

We also honor Camphill Village Copake tonight – our very first North American community. We all stand on the shoulders of those who have some before us. What a legacy!

Giovanni di Mola

I’m honored to have just joined officially this week the wonderful community of Camphill and specifically Camphill Hudson. I look forward to learning and experiencing all there is to be able to fully embrace it all & now to be present for this 8th anniversary gala.

Am filled with Gratitude!!


Karen Murphy

Bless you Giovanni, and welcome to Hudson – you’re going to love being part of that community!

Scott Drath

It’s great that we are able to celebrate 80 years of Camphill virtually during these challenging times. Thanks to the Foundation staff for their dedication and hard work in making this event happen.

Karen Murphy

Thank you Scott! It has been a great team effort! We are so happy to have you and Pam as part of our Camphill family!

Amy Rubenstein

A big shout out and thank you to the Camphill Foundation staff for working so hard to make this happen! Thank you Karen, Erin, Amy, Catherine… and thank you Susie…

Karen Murphy

Hi Amy! We are so happy to have you at the helm of the Foundation. Thanks for your leadership and support. Enjoy the program!

Karen Murphy

Hello Camphill Community! It’s an honor to celebrate 80 years of Camphill together with you. Here’s to the next 80! Congratulations!

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